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The hard stuff is the easy stuff and the soft stuff is the hard stuff...

How much jargon have you busted today?

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Ultimate Jargon Buster is here for you.  This site is dedicated to exposing the ‘blue sky solutioneers’, ‘strategic  thinkers’ and ‘OD interventionists’.  These people are paid a lot

of money to come up with ‘road maps’, ‘transformational journeys’ and ‘target operating models’, but have not done a frontline job serving real people (at least since they were students). Explore the site, contribute and help us on our mission to to take the power back!!

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Coco the Clown is the Ultimate Jargon Buster mascot.  He is the embodiment of every boss or consultant who comes out with David Brentisms when asked a pointed question.  These people are clowns who hide behind jargon. We are please to bring Coco’s blog to all of you to share some of his favourite bits of ‘thought leadership’! Click on the clown to the left to visit ‘Coco’s Jargon Blog’, or the tweet bird to follow Coco on Twitter.

Are you sick of strategies, open loops and blue sky thinking?  

Are you one of the millions scratching their head every time a new ‘initiative’ is introduced at work?

Take a ‘bite out of the reality sandwich’ and help us start the fight back here today!


Coco's Jargon Blog
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